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Adjective: marginal  maa(r)-ji-nul
  1. At or constituting a border or edge
    "the marginal strip of beach";
    - fringy
  2. Of questionable or minimal quality
    "marginal writing ability";
    - borderline
  3. Just barely adequate or within a lower limit
    "a marginal victory";
    - bare
  4. Producing at a rate that barely covers production costs
    "marginal industries"
  5. (statistics) of or relating to a subset of random variables (with other variables having been marginalized)
Noun: marginal  maa(r)-ji-nul
Usage: Brit
  1. An electoral constituency where there is only a small difference between the number of votes the leading parties expect
    - marginal constituency [Brit], marginal seat [Brit]

Derived forms: marginals

See also: minimal, minimum, narrow, peripheral, unprofitable

Encyclopedia: Marginal