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Adjective: mature (maturer,maturest)  mu'chûr or mu'tûr [N. Amer], mu'tyûr [Brit]
  1. Characteristic of maturity
    "mature for her age"
  2. Having reached full natural growth or development
    "a mature cell"
  3. Fully developed or matured and ready to be eaten or used
    "full-bodied mature wines";
    - ripe
  4. (of birds) having developed feathers or plumage; often used in combination
    - fledged
  5. Fully considered and perfected
    "mature plans";
    - matured
Verb: mature  mu'chûr or mu'tûr [N. Amer], mu'tyûr [Brit]
  1. Develop and reach maturity; undergo maturation
    "He matured fast";
    - maturate, grow
  2. Develop and work out fully in one's mind
    "I need to mature my thoughts"
  3. Become due for repayment
    "These bonds mature in 2005"
  4. Cause to ripen or develop fully
    "Age matures a good wine";
    - ripen, age
  5. Grow old or older
    "Young men mature";
    - senesce, age, get on, maturate
  6. Cause to ripen and discharge pus
    "The oil matures the pustules";
    - suppurate

Derived forms: maturing, maturest, matured, maturer, matures

See also: abloom, adult, age, aged, autumnal, big, developed, efflorescent, fledgeling, fledgling, fruiting, full-blown, full-fledged, full-grown, fully fledged, fully grown, grown, grownup, headed, marriageable, matured, matureness, maturity, mellow, mellowed, meridian, nubile, old, overblown, overripe, prime, ripe, ripened

Type of: alter, change, develop, draw, explicate, formulate, modify

Antonym: immature

Encyclopedia: Mature, Victor