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Adjective: meh
  1. [informal] Arousing no interest, attention, curiosity or excitement
    - uninteresting, uninspiring, lameo [informal], lame
  2. Not enthusiastic; lacking excitement or ardour
    - unenthusiastic, unenthused
Interjection: meh
  1. (slang) expresses indifference or lack of enthusiasm or interest

See also: boring, cold, deadening, deadly, draggy, dull, earthbound, halfhearted, half-hearted, ho-hum, insipid, interest, interestingness, irksome, jejune, lukewarm, mind-numbing, narcotic, passionless, pedestrian, ponderous, prosaic, prosy, putdownable, slow, soporiferous, soporific, spiritless, tedious, tepid, tiresome, unamusing, unexciting, unstimulating, wearisome

Encyclopedia: Meh