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Adjective: metallic  mi'ta-lik
  1. Containing or made of or resembling or characteristic of a metal
    "a metallic compound"; "metallic lustre"; "the strange metallic note of the meadow lark, suggesting the clash of vibrant blades";
    - metal, metalline [archaic]
Noun: metallic  mi'ta-lik
  1. A fabric made of a yarn that is partly or entirely of metal
  2. A yarn made partly or entirely of metal

Derived forms: metallics

See also: all-metal, aluminiferous, antimonial, argentiferous, auriferous, bimetal, bimetallic, bronze, gilded, gold, gold-bearing, golden, metallic-looking, metallike, metal-looking, silver, tinny

Type of: cloth, fabric, material, textile, thread, yarn

Encyclopedia: Metallic