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Adjective: mongoloid  'móng-gu,loyd
  1. Characteristic of or resembling a Mongol
    "the mongoloid epicanthic fold"
  2. (offensive) of or relating to or suffering from Down syndrome
Noun: mongoloid  'móng-gu,loyd
  1. A person suffering from Down syndrome (no longer used technically in this sense, now considered offensive)
Adjective: Mongoloid  'móng-gu,loyd
  1. (anthropology) of or pertaining to or characteristic of one of the traditional racial division of humankind including especially peoples of central and eastern Asia
Noun: Mongoloid  'móng-gu,loyd
  1. A member of the Mongoloid family

Derived forms: mongoloids, Mongoloids

Type of: Asian, Asiatic, changeling [archaic], eejit [UK, Ireland, dialect], half-wit [informal], idiot, imbecile [informal], moron [informal], plank [Brit, informal], thickie [Brit, informal], thicko [informal]

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