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Verb: mop up
  1. To wash or wipe with or as if with a mop
    "mop up the hallway now";
    - wipe up, mop
  2. Defeat thoroughly
    "He mopped up the floor with his opponents";
    - worst, pip, whip, rack up
  3. Finish a task completely
    - get through, wrap up, finish off, polish off, clear up, finish up
Noun: mop up
  1. A concluding action
    - completion, culmination, closing, windup

Derived forms: mops up, mopping up, mopped up

Type of: absorb, beat, beat out, complete, conclusion, crush, draw, ending, finish, imbibe, shell, soak up, sop up, suck, suck up, take in, take up, termination, trounce, vanquish