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Noun: morris dance
  1. Any of various English folk dances performed by dancers in costume
    - morris dancing
Noun: morris dancer
  1. Someone who does a morris dance
Noun: Morris  mor-us or mór-is [N. Amer], mó-ris [Brit]
  1. Leader of the American Revolution who signed the Declaration of Independence and raised money for the Continental Army (1734-1806)
    - Robert Morris
  2. United States statesman who led the committee that produced the final draft of the United States Constitution (1752-1816)
    - Gouverneur Morris
  3. English poet and craftsman (1834-1896)
    - William Morris
  4. United States suffragist in Wyoming (1814-1902)
    - Esther Hobart Morris, Esther Morris, Esther Hobart McQuigg Slack Morris

Type of: American Revolutionary leader, artificer, artisan, craftsman, craftsperson, financier, folk dance, folk dancer, folk dancing, journeyman, moneyman, national leader, poet, statesman, statesperson, suffragist

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Morris dancer

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