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Adjective: muddy (muddier,muddiest)  mú-dee
  1. Dirty and messy; covered with mud or muck
    "muddy boots";
    - mucky
  2. (of soil) soft and watery
    "muddy barnyard";
    - boggy, marshy, miry, mucky, quaggy, sloppy, sloughy, soggy, squashy, swampy, waterlogged, squelchy
  3. (of colour) discoloured by impurities; not bright and clear
    "a muddy white"; "muddy colours";
    - dirty, dingy, muddied
  4. (of liquids) clouded as with sediment
    "muddy coffee";
    - cloudy, mirky [archaic], murky, turbid
  5. Not clear to the mind
    "the law itself was muddy on that point";
    - unclear
Verb: muddy  mú-dee
  1. Dirty with mud
    - muddy up
  2. Cause to become unclear, confusing or more complicated
    "These data would have muddied the prediction"
  3. Make turbid
    "muddy the water"

Derived forms: muddies, muddiest, muddier, muddying, muddied

See also: ambiguous, amorphous, blurred, clarity, clearness, clouded, confusing, dirty, impure, incomprehensible, indefinite, indistinct, limpidity, lucidity, lucidness, obscure, opaque, pellucidity, perplexing, puzzling, soiled, squidgy [Brit, informal], unclean, uncomprehensible, vague, wet

Type of: alter, begrime, bemire [archaic], blur, change, colly [archaic], confuse, dirty, grime, modify, obnubilate, obscure, soil

Encyclopedia: Muddy, Illinois