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Adjective: multiplex  'múl-ti,pleks
  1. Many and varied; having many features or forms
    "the multiplex opportunities in high technology";
    - manifold
  2. Having many parts or aspects
    "the multiplex problem of drug abuse"
Noun: multiplex  'múl-ti,pleks
  1. Communicates two or more signals over a common channel
  2. A movie theatre that has several different auditoriums in the same building
Verb: multiplex  'múl-ti,pleks
  1. Combine several signals into a single signal
    - mux

Derived forms: multiplexing, multiplexes, multiplexed

See also: complex, multiple

Type of: cinema, flicks [Brit, informal], movie house [N. Amer], movie theater [US], movie theatre [N. Amer], picture house [Brit], picture palace [Brit, archaic], pictures [Brit], telecom, telecommunication

Encyclopedia: Multiplex