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Verb: multiply  'múl-ti,plI
  1. (arithmetic) combine by multiplication
    "multiply 10 by 15"
  2. Combine or increase several or many times
    "He managed to multiply his profits";
    - manifold
  3. Have young (animals) or reproduce (organisms)
    "pandas rarely multiply in captivity";
    - breed
  4. (biology) have offspring or produce more individuals of a given animal or plant
    "The Bible tells people to multiply";
    - reproduce, procreate
Adverb: multiply  'múl-ti,plI
  1. In several ways; in a multiple manner
    "they were multiply checked for errors"

Derived forms: multiplied, multiplies, multiplying

Type of: calculate, cipher, compute, create, cypher, figure [N. Amer], increase, make, reckon, work out

Antonym: divide, singly

Encyclopedia: Multiply