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Pronoun: my  mI
  1. Of me or myself
Interjection: my  mI
  1. Used to express surprise
    "Oh my gosh! Are you okay?"; "Holy smoke! When you opened my eyes, my heart awoke!"; "My goodness me. She doesn't sound like the kind of person who should be held up as a hero to the next generation"; "My word! I can't believe it's snowing in Florida"; "My goodness, there are five of them and they look so determined";
    - Christ, Christmas, crikey [Brit], cripes, cor [Brit], crumbs [Brit], gosh, golly, by George, by Jove, blimey [Brit], gorblimey [Brit], cor blimey [Brit], holy cow, holy mackerel, holy smoke, holy moley, holy moly, fancy [Brit], good grief, goodness, goodness me, Gordon Bennett, gracious, gracious me, fancy that, gawd, god, my word, oh, O, ah, oh boy, jeez, geez, strewth [Brit], struth [Brit], yikes, I'll be blowed [Brit], blow me [Brit], Holy-dooly [Austral], heck, blooming heck [Brit], jeepers, jeepers creepers, Lord, Lordy, marry [archaic], well I never, heavens, good heavens, my goodness, Jesus, bejesus [N. Amer], od [archaic]

Encyclopedia: My, Pierwsza Brygada