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Adjective: Nazarene  ,na-zu'reen
  1. Of or relating to the town of Nazareth or its inhabitants
  2. Of or relating to the Nazarenes or their religion
Noun: Nazarene  ,na-zu'reen
  1. An inhabitant of Nazareth
  2. A member of a group of Jews who (during the early history of the Christian Church) accepted Jesus as the Messiah; they accepted the Gospel According to Matthew but rejected the Epistles of St. Paul and continued to follow Jewish law and celebrate Jewish holidays; they were later declared heretic by the Church of Rome
    - Ebionite
  3. An early name for any Christian

Derived forms: Nazarenes

Type of: Christian, denizen, dweller, habitant, indweller, inhabitant, religious person

Encyclopedia: Nazarene