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Adjective: neat (neater,neatest)  neet
  1. Clean or organized
    "a neat room"; "her neat dress";
    - orderly
  2. Showing care in execution
    "neat homework"; "neat handwriting"
  3. Free from clumsiness; precisely or deftly executed
    "the neat exactness of the surgeon's knife";
    - clean
  4. Superficially impressive, but lacking depth and attention to the true complexities of a subject
    "it was a neat plan, but bound to fail";
    - facile, slick
  5. Excellent
    "a neat sports car";
    - bang-up [N. Amer, informal], bully [informal], corking [Brit, informal], cracking [Brit, informal], dandy, great, groovy [informal], keen, nifty [informal], not bad [informal], peachy, slap-up [informal], swell [informal], smashing [Brit, informal], old, not half bad [informal], grouse [Austral, NZ, informal], ripper [Austral, informal], lovely
  6. (of an alcoholic drink) without water
    "took his whiskey neat";
    - straight, full-strength

Derived forms: neater, neatest

See also: adroit, good, superficial, tidy, undiluted

Encyclopedia: Neat, Neat, Neat