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Noun: neighborhood  'ney-bur,hûd
Usage: US (elsewhere: neighbourhood)
  1. A particular area; the surrounding or nearby region
    "he always blames someone else in the immediate neighborhood";
    - vicinity, locality, neighbourhood [Brit, Cdn], neck of the woods, vicinage [N. Amer], backyard
  2. People living near one another
    "it is a friendly neighborhood"; "my neighborhood voted for Bush";
    - neighbourhood [Brit, Cdn]
  3. The approximate amount of something (usually used prepositionally as in 'in the region of')
    "the price is in the neighborhood of $100";
    - region, neighbourhood [Brit, Cdn]
  4. An area within a city or town that has some distinctive features (especially one forming a community)
    "an ethnic neighborhood";
    - neighbourhood [Brit, Cdn]

Derived forms: neighborhoods

Type of: area, community, country, indefinite quantity, section

Encyclopedia: Neighborhood