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Adjective: nervous  nur-vus
  1. Easily agitated
    "a nervous addict"; "a nervous thoroughbred"
  2. Causing or fraught with or showing anxiety
    "those nervous moments before takeoff";
    - anxious, queasy, uneasy, unquiet
  3. Excited in anticipation
    - aflutter
  4. Unpredictably excitable (especially of horses)
    - skittish, flighty, spooky [N. Amer, informal], skittery
  5. Of or relating to the nervous system
    "nervous disease";
    - neural

Sounds like: neighservous

See also: antsy [N. Amer, informal], excitable, excited, fidgety, fretful, itchy, keyed-up, on edge, restless, tense, troubled, twitchy [informal]

Encyclopedia: Nervous, London