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Noun: nestling  nest-ling
  1. Young bird not yet fledged
    - baby bird
  2. [informal] A young person of either sex
    "she writes books for nestlings";
    - child, kid [informal], youngster, minor, shaver [informal], nipper [informal], small fry [informal], tiddler [Brit, informal], tike [informal], tyke [informal], fry [archaic], wean [UK, Ireland, dialect], kiddy [informal], kiddie [informal]
Verb: nestle  ne-sul
  1. Move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cosy position
    "We nestled against each other to keep warm";
    - cuddle, snuggle, nest, nuzzle, draw close, cosy [Brit, Cdn], cozy [N. Amer], cozy up [N. Amer], cosy up [Brit, Cdn]
  2. Lie in a sheltered position
    "The little cottage nestles in the forest"
  3. Position comfortably
    "The baby nestled her head in her mother's elbow";
    - snuggle

Derived forms: nestlings

Type of: cling to, clutch, hold close, hold tight, juvenile, juvenile person, lay, lie, place, pose, position, put, set, young bird

Encyclopedia: Nestling

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