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Adjective: neurotic  n(y)û'ró-tik [N. Amer], nyû'ró-tik [Brit]
  1. Characteristic of or affected by neurosis
    "neurotic disorder"; "neurotic symptoms"
  2. Affected with emotional disorder
    - psychoneurotic
Noun: neurotic  n(y)û'ró-tik [N. Amer], nyû'ró-tik [Brit]
  1. A person suffering from neurosis
    - psychoneurotic, mental case

Derived forms: neurotics

See also: aboulic, abulic, compulsive, delusional, disturbed, hypochondriac, hypochondriacal, hysteric, hysterical, maladjusted, megalomaniacal, megalomanic, monomaniacal, nymphomaniac, nymphomaniacal, obsessional, obsessive, obsessive-compulsive, pathological, phobic, psychosomatic, schizoid

Type of: diseased person, sick person, sufferer

Antonym: unneurotic

Encyclopedia: Neurotic