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Noun: numbering  núm-b(u-)ring
  1. A numbered list
    - enumeration
  2. The action of counting or ordering with numbers
Verb: number  núm-bu(r)
  1. Add up in number or quantity
    - total, add up, come, amount
  2. Give numbers to
    "You should number the pages of the thesis"
  3. Enumerate
    "We must number the names of the great mathematicians";
    - list
  4. Put into a group
    "The academy numbers several Nobel Prize winners among its members";
    - count
  5. Determine the number or amount of
    "Can you number the books on your shelf?";
    - count, enumerate, numerate
  6. Place a limit on the number of
    - keep down

Derived forms: numberings

Type of: ascertain, assort, be, circumscribe, class, classify, confine to, denominate, designate, determine, find, find out, identify, limit, list, listing, name, separate, sort, sort out

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