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Adjective: obligated  'ó-blu,gey-tid
  1. Caused by law or conscience to follow a certain course
    "felt obligated to repay the kindness"; "was obligated to pay off the student loan"
Verb: obligate  'ó-blu,geyt
  1. Force somebody to do something
    - compel, oblige
  2. Commit in order to fulfil an obligation
    "obligate money"
  3. Bind by an obligation; cause to be indebted
    "He's obligated by a contract";
    - oblige, bind, hold

See also: beholden, duty-bound, indebted, obliged, responsible, supposed, tributary

Type of: cause, commit, confide, entrust, get, have, induce, intrust [archaic], make, relate, stimulate, trust

Antonym: unobligated

Encyclopedia: Obligated