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Adjective: obliterate  u'bli-tu,reyt or ow'bli-tu,reyt
  1. Reduced to nothingness
    - blotted out, obliterated
Verb: obliterate  u'bli-tu,reyt or ow'bli-tu,reyt
  1. Mark for deletion, rub off, or erase
    "obliterate these lines in the President's speech";
    - kill, wipe out
  2. Make undecipherable or imperceptible by obscuring or concealing
    - obscure, blot out, veil, hide
  3. Remove completely from recognition or memory
    "obliterate the memory of the time in the camps";
    - efface
  4. Do away with completely, without leaving a trace

Derived forms: obliterated, obliterating, obliterates

See also: destroyed

Type of: alter, blur, change, dim, do away with, eliminate, extinguish, fish out [informal], get rid of, modify, slur, take away, take out

Encyclopedia: Obliterate