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Noun: occasions  u'key-zhunz
  1. Something you have to do
    "he minded his own specialized occasions"
Noun: occasion  u'key-zhun
  1. An event that occurs at a critical time
    "it was needed only on special occasions";
    - juncture
  2. A formal or official social gathering or ceremony of people
    "an occasion arranged to honour the president"; "the party was quite a social occasion";
    - affair, social occasion, function, social function
  3. Reason or cause
    - reason, ground
  4. The time of a particular event
    "on the occasion of his 60th birthday"
  5. An opportunity to do something
    "there was never an occasion for her to demonstrate her skill"
Verb: occasion  u'key-zhun
  1. Give occasion to

Type of: business, cause, chance, do, engender, happening, make, natural event, occurrence, occurrent, opportunity, rational motive, social event, time

Encyclopedia: Occasions