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Noun: officer  ó-fi-su(r)
  1. (military) any person in the armed services who holds a position of authority or command
    "an officer is responsible for the lives of his men";
    - military officer
  2. Someone who is appointed or elected to an office and who holds a position of trust
    "the club elected its officers for the coming year"; "he is an officer of the court";
    - officeholder
  3. A member of a police force
    "it was an accident, officer";
    - policeman, police officer, bobby [Brit, informal], plod [Brit, informal]
  4. A person authorized to serve in a position of authority on a vessel
    "he is the officer in charge of the ship's engines";
    - ship's officer
Verb: officer  ó-fi-su(r)
  1. Direct or command as an officer
  2. Supply with an officer or officers

Derived forms: officering, officers, officered

Type of: command, functionary, gob [US, informal], holder, Jack, Jack-tar, law officer, lawman, man, mariner, military man, military personnel, official, old salt, peace officer, sea dog, seafarer, seaman, serviceman, servicewoman, tar

Part of: Bill [Brit, informal], boys in blue [informal], constabulary, fuzz [informal], law, Old Bill [Brit, informal], police, police force, polis [UK, dialect, informal], the fuzz [informal]

Encyclopedia: Officer, Robert