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Interjection: OK  ow'key
  1. Expresses agreement or acceptance
    - okay, okey-doke [informal], okey-dokey [informal], righto [Brit, informal], righty-ho [Brit, informal], right, right on [informal]
Adjective: OK  ow'key
  1. Being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition
    "the passengers were shaken up but are OK";
    - all right, fine, o.k., okay, hunky-dory [informal], cool [informal], alright, jake [N. Amer, Austral, NZ, informal]
Adverb: OK  ow'key
  1. An expression of agreement normally occurring at the beginning of a sentence
    - very well, fine, alright, all right, all righty [non-standard], righty-ho [Brit, informal]
  2. In a satisfactory or adequate manner
    "she'll do OK on her own";
    - okay, O.K., all right, alright
Noun: OK  ow'key
  1. An endorsement
    "they gave us the OK to go ahead";
    - O.K., okay, okey [non-standard], okeh [non-standard]
  2. A state in south central United States
    - Oklahoma, Sooner State, Okla.
Verb: OK (OK'ed,OK'ing,OK's)  ow'key
  1. Give permission or approval for something
    "I will OK his educational policies";
    - approve, O.K., okay, sanction, green-light, greenlight

Derived forms: OKs, OK'ed, OK'ing

See also: satisfactory

Type of: American state, authorise [Brit], authorize, clear, countenance, endorsement, imprimatur, indorsement, pass, sanction, warrant

Part of: America, the States, U.S., U.S.A., United States, United States of America, US, USA

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