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Adverb: on  ón
  1. With a forward motion
    "the circus travelled on to the next city"; "march on";
    - along
  2. Indicates continuity, persistence or concentration
    "his spirit lives on"; "shall I read on?"
  3. In a state required for something to function or be effective
    "turn the lights on"; "get a load on"
Adjective: on  ón
  1. In operation or operational
    "left the oven on"; "the switch is in the on position"
  2. (of events) planned or scheduled
    "the picnic is on, rain or shine"; "we have nothing on for Friday night"
Preposition: on  ón
  1. At some time in the duration of
    "I'll come some time on Sunday";
    - during
  2. In contact with, on top of
    "the book on the table";
    - upon
  3. Located at or attached to
    "there's a jam on the main road"; "the clock on the wall"
  4. Part of; a member of
    "she's on the shortlist";
    - in
  5. On the topic of
    "a book on physics";
    - about
  6. Paid for by
    "dinner's on me"; "drinks are on the house"
  7. Supported by
    "balanced on one leg";
    - upon
  8. At or following a prescribed point in time
    "The contract was rendered void on his death";
    - upon
  9. Having something
    "I don't have any on me";
    - with

See also: connected

Antonym: off

Encyclopedia: On, WI!