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Noun: overcharge  ,ow-vu(r)'chaa(r)j
  1. A price that is too high
    - rip-off [informal], daylight robbery [Brit, informal]
Verb: overcharge  ,ow-vu(r)'chaa(r)j
  1. Rip off; ask an unreasonable price
    - soak [informal], surcharge, gazump [Brit, informal], fleece [informal], pluck [informal], rob, hook [informal], skin [informal]
  2. Place too much a load on
    "don't overcharge the car";
    - overload, surcharge, overweight

Derived forms: overcharged, overcharges, overcharging

Type of: charge, cheat, chisel [informal], lade [archaic], laden, load, load up, rip off [informal]

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