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Adjective: overnight  'ow-vu(r)'nIt
  1. Lasting, open, or operating through the whole night
    "an overnight trip";
    - nightlong, all-night
Adverb: overnight  'ow-vu(r)'nIt
  1. During or for the length of one night
    "the fish marinates overnight"
  2. Happening in a short time or with great speed
    "these solutions cannot be found overnight!"
Verb: overnight  'ow-vu(r)'nIt
  1. Stay the night
  2. [N. Amer] Send something for delivery the next day
    "We can overnight you the documents for signature"
Noun: overnight  'ow-vu(r)'nIt
  1. An overnight stay, especially in a hotel or other lodging facility

Derived forms: overnighted, overnighting, overnights

See also: long

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