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Noun: overreckoning  ,ow-vu(r)'re-ku-ning
  1. A calculation that results in an estimate that is too high
    - overestimate, overestimation, overrating
Verb: reckon  re-kun
  1. Expect to be true; believe
    - think, opine, suppose, imagine, guess, dare say, daresay
  2. Judge to be probable
    - calculate, estimate, count on, figure, forecast
  3. Perceive or think about in a particular way; deem to be
    - see, consider, view, regard
  4. (mathematics) make a mathematical calculation or computation
    - calculate, cipher, cypher, compute, work out, figure [N. Amer]
  5. Have faith or confidence in
    - count, bet, depend, look, calculate
  6. Take account of
    "You have to reckon with our opponents";
    - count

Type of: anticipate, approximate, approximation, bank, believe, conceive, consider, estimate, estimation, evaluate, expect, gauge, guess, idea, judge, pass judgment, reason, rely, swear, think, trust

Encyclopedia: Reckon