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Adjective: palaeolithic  ,pey-lee-u'li-thik or ,pa-li-u'li-thik
Usage: Brit, Cdn (US: paleolithic)
  1. Of or relating to the second period of the Stone Age (following the eolithic)
    "palaeolithic artifacts";
    - paleolithic
Noun: Palaeolithic  ,pey-lee-u'li-thik or ,pa-li-u'li-thik
Usage: Brit, Cdn (US: Paleolithic)
  1. The early period of the Stone Age from about 2.5-3 million years ago until about 12 000 years ago
    - Paleolithic Age, Paleolithic, Palaeolithic Age [Brit, Cdn]

Type of: period, period of time, time period, time span

Part of: Stone Age

Encyclopedia: Palaeolithic