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Noun: paste  peyst
  1. Any mixture of a soft and malleable consistency
  2. A hard, brilliant lead glass that is used in making artificial jewellery
  3. An adhesive made from water and flour or starch; used on paper and paperboard
    - library paste
  4. A tasty mixture to be spread on bread, crackers or used in preparing other dishes
    - spread
Verb: paste  peyst
  1. Join or attach with or as if with glue
    "cut and paste the sentence in the text"; "paste the sign on the wall";
    - glue
  2. Cover the surface of
    "paste the wall with burlap"
  3. [informal] Beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight
    - cream [informal], bat, clobber [informal], drub, thrash [informal], lick [informal], marmalise [Brit, informal], marmelise [Brit, informal], slaughter [informal], hammer [informal], marmelize [Brit, informal], smoke [N. Amer, informal], muller [Brit, informal], marmalize [Brit, informal], beat hollow [informal], tromp [N. Amer, informal], wipe the floor [informal], trounce, blow away [informal], whale [N. Amer, informal]
  4. (computing) insert text or other object into a document (e.g. from the clipboard)
  5. Hit with the fists
    "He pasted his opponent"

Sounds like: passed, paste

Derived forms: pasting, pasted, pastes

Type of: adhesive, adhesive agent, adhesive material, attach, beat, beat out, composition, condiment, cover, crush, lead glass, shell, trounce, vanquish

Encyclopedia: Paste