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Noun: peddler  pe-d(u-)lur
Usage: N. Amer (elsewhere: pedlar)
  1. Someone who travels about selling his wares (as on the streets or at carnivals)
    - pedlar [Brit, Cdn], packman [archaic], hawker, pitchman [N. Amer]
  2. An unlicensed dealer in illegal drugs
    - pusher [informal], drug peddler, drug dealer, drug trafficker, pedlar [Brit, Cdn], narco [N. Amer, informal]

Derived forms: peddlers

Type of: crim [Brit, informal], criminal, crook [informal], dealer, felon, malefactor [formal], marketeer, marketer, outlaw, seller, trafficker, vender, vendor

Encyclopedia: Peddler