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Verb: peel off  peel óf
  1. Peel off the outer layer of something
  2. Take off, as with some difficulty
    "He peeled off his blood-soaked shirt"
  3. (air travel) leave a formation
  4. Come off in flakes or thin small pieces
    "The paint in my house is peeling off";
    - peel, flake off, flake
  5. Peel off in scales
    "dry skin peels off";
    - desquamate

Derived forms: peeling off, peeled off, peels off

Type of: break away, break off, chip, chip off, come off, curve, cut, exuviate, molt [N. Amer], moult [Brit, Cdn], pare, peel, shed, sheer, skin, slew, slough, slue, swerve, take off, trend, veer