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Noun: scented penstemon
  1. Fragrant puffed-up white to reddish-pink flowers in long narrow clusters on erect stems; Arizona to New Mexico and Utah
    - balloon flower, Penstemon palmeri
Noun: lowbush penstemon
  1. Low bushy plant with large showy pale lavender or blue-violet flowers in narrow clusters at ends of stems
    - shrubby penstemon, Penstemon fruticosus
Noun: rock penstemon
  1. One of the West's most beautiful wildflowers; large brilliant pink or rose flowers in many racemes above thick mats of stems and leaves; ledges and cliffs from Washington to California
    - cliff penstemon, Penstemon rupicola
Noun: redwood penstemon
  1. Low branching dark green shrub with bunches of brick-red flowers at ends of branches; coastal ranges and foothills of northern California
    - red shrubby penstemon
Noun: golden-beard penstemon
  1. Plant of southwestern United States having long open clusters of scarlet flowers with yellow hairs on lower lip
    - Penstemon barbatus
Noun: cascade penstemon
  1. Whorls of deep blue to dark purple flowers at tips of erect leafy stems; moist places from British Columbia to Oregon
    - Penstemon serrulatus
Noun: narrow-leaf penstemon
  1. Plant having small narrow leaves and blue-violet flowers in long open clusters; Utah and Colorado to New Mexico and Arizona
    - Penstemon linarioides
Noun: Penstemon
  1. Large genus of subshrubs or herbs having showy blue or purple or red or yellow or white flowers; mostly western North America
    - genus Penstemon, Pentstemon
Noun: hot-rock penstemon
  1. Stems in clumps with cream-coloured flowers; found from Washington to Wyoming and southward to California and Utah
    - Penstemon deustus

Type of: asterid dicot genus, bush, shrub, wild flower, wildflower

Part of: family Scrophulariaceae, figwort family, foxglove family, Scrophulariaceae

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