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Adjective: perplexed  pu(r)'plekst
  1. Full of difficulty, confusion or bewilderment
    "perplexed language"; "perplexed state of the world"
  2. Filled with bewilderment
    - at a loss, nonplused [US], nonplussed, puzzled, thrown
Verb: perplex  pu(r)'pleks
  1. Confuse or leave at a loss because of something complex or difficult to understand
    "These questions perplex even the experts";
    - confuse, throw, fox, befuddle, fuddle, bedevil, confound, discombobulate [informal], vex, stick, get, puzzle, mystify, baffle, beat, pose, bewilder, flummox, stupefy, nonplus, gravel, dumbfound
  2. Make more complicated
    "There was a new development that perplexed the matter";
    - complicate

See also: at sea, baffled, befuddled, bemused, bewildered, confounded, confused, fuddled, lost, mazed, metagrabolised, metagrabolized, metagrobolised [Brit], metagrobolized, mixed-up, mystified, questioning, quizzical, stuck

Type of: alter, be, change, modify

Antonym: simplify, unperplexed

Encyclopedia: Perplex