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Verb: piggyback  'pi-gee,bak
  1. Ride on someone's shoulders or back
  2. Support on the back and shoulders
    "He piggybacked her child so she could see the show"
  3. Add to, use or take advantage of an existing work, product, procedure, etc.
    "an amendment to piggyback the current law"
  4. Haul by railway car
  5. Haul truck trailers loaded with commodities on railway cars
Noun: piggyback  'pi-gee,bak
  1. A ride on the back and shoulders of someone else
  2. The act of carrying something piggyback
    - pickaback [archaic]
Adverb: piggyback  'pi-gee,bak
  1. On the back, shoulder or astraddle on the hip
    "she carried her child piggyback";
    - pickaback, pig-a-back
  2. On a railway flatcar
    "the trailer rode piggyback across the country";
    - pickaback, pig-a-back

Derived forms: piggybacked, piggybacking, piggybacks

Type of: alter, bear, carry, change, haul, hold, modify, ride

Encyclopedia: Piggyback