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Noun: porter  por-tu(r)
  1. A person employed to carry luggage and supplies
  2. Someone who guards an entrance
    - doorkeeper, doorman, door guard, hall porter, gatekeeper, ostiary
  3. A railway employee who assists passengers (especially on sleeping cars)
    - Pullman porter
  4. A very dark sweet ale brewed from roasted unmalted barley
    - porter's beer
Verb: porter  por-tu(r)
  1. Carry luggage or supplies
    "They portered the food up Mount Kilimanjaro for the tourists"
Noun: Porter  por-tu(r)
  1. United States writer of novels and short stories (1890-1980)
    - Katherine Anne Porter
  2. United States composer and lyricist of musical comedies (1891-1964)
    - Cole Porter, Cole Albert Porter
  3. United States writer of short stories whose pen name was O. Henry (1862-1910)
    - William Sydney Porter, O. Henry

Derived forms: portered, portering, porters

Type of: ale, author, carry, composer, employe [US], employee, guard, jack, laborer [US], labourer [Brit, Cdn], manual laborer [US], manual labourer [Brit, Cdn], transport, writer

Encyclopedia: Porter, Ohio