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Verb: pressurise  'pre-shu,rIz
Usage: Brit (N. Amer: pressurize)
  1. Increase the pressure on a gas or liquid
    - supercharge, pressurize
  2. Maintain a certain pressure
    "the aeroplane cabin is pressurised"; "pressurise a space suit";
    - pressurize
  3. Increase the pressure in or of
    "The captain will pressurise the cabin for the passengers' comfort";
    - pressurize
  4. Put pressure on someone (to do something)
    - pressurize, bounce [Brit]

Derived forms: pressurised, pressurising, pressurises

Type of: adjust, alter, change, correct, hold, keep, maintain, modify, set

Antonym: depressurise [Brit]