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Adjective: projecting  pru'jek-ting
  1. Extending out above or beyond a surface or boundary
    "the projecting limb of a tree";
    - jutting, projected, protruding, relieved, sticking, sticking out
Verb: project  'pró,jekt or pró-jikt
  1. Communicate vividly
    "He projected his feelings"
  2. Extend out in space
    "A single rock projects from the cliff";
    - stick out, protrude, jut out, jut
  3. Transfer (ideas or principles) from one domain into another
  4. Show on a screen using projection
    "The images are projected onto the screen"
  5. Cause to be heard
    "His voice projects well"
  6. Draw a projection of
  7. Make or work out a plan for; devise
    "project an attack";
    - plan, contrive, design
  8. Present for consideration, examination, criticism, etc.
    "The candidate projects himself as a moderate and a reformer";
    - propose
  9. Imagine; conceive of; see in one's mind
    "I can't project him on horseback!";
    - visualize, visualise [Brit], envision, fancy, see, figure, picture, image
  10. Put or send forth
    "project a spell";
    - cast, contrive, throw
  11. Throw, send, or cast forward
    "project a missile";
    - send off
  12. (psychology) transfer an emotion (or state, trait, etc.) to an external person or thing
    - externalize, externalise [Brit]

See also: protrusive

Type of: ascribe, assign, attribute, cause to be perceived, channel, channelise [Brit], channelize, communicate, conceive of, create by mental act, create mentally, direct, draw, envisage, ideate, imagine, impel, impute, intercommunicate, plan, propel, send, show, transfer, transmit, transport

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