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Noun: prompter  próm(p)-tu(r)
  1. Someone who assists a performer by providing the next words of a forgotten speech
    - theater prompter [US], theatre prompter
  2. A device that displays words for people to read
    - autocue [Brit]
Adjective: prompt (prompter,promptest)  próm(p)t
  1. According to schedule or without delay; on time
    "the train is prompt"
  2. Ready and willing or quick to act
    "she is always prompt to help her friends"
  3. Performed with little or no delay
    "a prompt reply";
    - immediate, quick, straightaway

Derived forms: prompters

See also: fast, on the dot, on time, punctual, ready

Type of: aid, assistant, device, help, helper, supporter

Encyclopedia: Prompter