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Verb: quicken  kwi-kun
  1. Move faster
    "The car quickened";
    - accelerate, speed up, speed
  2. Make keen or more acute
    "quicken my appetite";
    - whet
  3. Give life or energy to
    "The cold water quickened him";
    - invigorate
  4. Show signs of life
    "the foetus quickened"
  5. Give new life or energy to
    - animate, recreate, reanimate, revive, renovate, repair, vivify, revivify

Derived forms: quickens, quickened, quickening

Type of: arouse, brace, deepen, energise [Brit], energize, excite, intensify, move, perk up, stimulate, stir

Antonym: slow up

Encyclopedia: Quicken