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Verb: rally  ra-lee
  1. Bring together people for a common purpose or generate support a particular action
    "rally support";
    - beat up, drum up
  2. Call to arms; of military personnel
    - call up, mobilize, mobilise [Brit]
  3. Gather or bring together
    "she rallied her intellect";
    - muster, summon, come up, muster up
  4. Return to a former condition
    "The jilted lover soon rallied and found new friends"; "The stock market rallied";
    - rebound
  5. Deliberately provoke by mocking or poking fun, often in an aggressive manner
    - tease, razz [N. Amer, informal], rag, cod [Brit, informal], bait, taunt, twit [informal], ride [N. Amer, informal], wind up [Brit, informal]
Noun: rally  ra-lee
  1. A large gathering of people intended to arouse enthusiasm
    - mass meeting
  2. The feat of mustering strength for a renewed effort
    "he singled to start a rally in the 9th inning";
    - rallying
  3. A marked recovery
  4. An automobile race run over public roads
  5. (sport) an unbroken sequence of several successive strokes
    "after a short rally Connors won the point";
    - exchange

Derived forms: rallied, rallying, rallies

Type of: assemblage, assembly, auto race, automobile race, bemock, call, car race, collect, convalescence, effort, exploit, feat, garner, gather, gathering, go back, group action, mock, pull in, pull together, recover, recovery, recuperate, recuperation, send for

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