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Adjective: raw (rawer,rawest)  ro
  1. (used especially of commodities) being unprocessed or manufactured using only simple or minimal processes
    "raw wool"; "raw sugar";
    - natural, rude
  2. Not treated with heat to prepare it for eating
  3. Having the surface exposed and painful
    "a raw wound"
  4. Not processed or refined
    "raw sewage"
  5. Devoid of elaboration, diminution or concealment; bare and pure
    "raw fury"; "you may kill someone someday with your raw power";
    - naked
  6. Brutally unfair or harsh
    "received raw treatment from his friends"; "a raw deal"
  7. Not processed or subjected to analysis
    "raw data"; "the raw cost of production";
    - crude
  8. Untempered and unrefined
    "raw talent"; "raw beauty"
  9. Hurting
    "the raw spot on his jaw";
    - sensitive, sore, tender
  10. Unpleasantly cold and damp
    "raw winds of the North Atlantic";
    - bleak, cutting
  11. Lacking training or experience
    "raw recruits";
    - new
  12. [informal] Completely unclothed
    - bare-assed [N. Amer, informal], bare-ass [N. Amer, informal], in the altogether [informal], in the buff [informal], in the raw [informal], peeled [informal], naked as a jaybird [US, informal], stark naked [informal], buck naked [N. Amer, informal]
  13. (used of wood and furniture) not sanded or polished
    "raw wood";
    - unsanded
Noun: raw  ro
Usage: informal
  1. The state of being without clothing or covering of any kind
    "in the raw";
    - nakedness, nudity, nudeness, altogether [informal], birthday suit [informal]
Noun: R&AW
Usage: Asia
  1. India's external intelligence agency
    - Research and Analysis Wing [Asia], RAW [Asia]

Sounds like: raquets, ras, ra

Derived forms: raws, rawer, rawest

See also: cold, green [informal], half-baked, inexperienced, inexperient [non-standard], injured, open, overt, painful, rare, unanalysed [Brit, Cdn], unanalyzed [N. Amer], unclothed, uncooked, underdone, unfair, unfinished, unjust, unpolished, unprocessed, untoasted, untreated

Type of: condition, status

Antonym: cooked

Encyclopedia: Raw, Uncut, and X-Rated