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Adjective: ready-made  're-dee'meyd
  1. Made for purchase and immediate use
  2. Repeated regularly without thought or originality
    "ready-made phrases";
    - clich├ęd
  3. Commercially produced; not homemade
    "ready-made clothes"
Noun: ready-made  're-dee'meyd
  1. A manufactured artifact (as a garment or piece of furniture) that is made in advance and available for purchase
    "their apartment was furnished with ready-mades"

Derived forms: ready-mades

See also: factory-made, made, off-the-peg, off-the-rack, off-the-shelf, prefab, ready-to-eat, ready-to-wear, unoriginal

Type of: artefact [Brit], artifact [N. Amer]

Antonym: custom-made

Encyclopedia: Ready-made