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Noun: ream  reem
  1. A large quantity of written matter
    "he wrote reams and reams"
  2. A quantity of paper; 480 or 500 sheets; one ream equals 20 quires
Verb: ream  reem
  1. Squeeze the juice out (of a fruit) with a reamer
    "ream oranges"
  2. Remove by making a hole or by boring
    "the dentist reamed out the debris in the course of the root canal treatment"
  3. Enlarge with a reamer
    "ream a hole"
  4. [N. Amer] Deprive of by deceit
    "He reamed me out of my inheritance";
    - victimize, swindle, rook, goldbrick [N. Amer], nobble [Brit], diddle, bunco [N. Amer], defraud, scam, mulct, hornswoggle [N. Amer], short-change, con, victimise [Brit], grift [N. Amer], bunko
  5. [N. Amer] Censure severely or angrily
    - call on the carpet [US], take to task, rebuke, rag, trounce, lecture, reprimand, jaw, dress down, call down, scold, chide, berate, bawl out, remonstrate, chew out [N. Amer], chew up [N. Amer], have words, lambaste, lambast

Derived forms: reams, reamed, reaming

Type of: cheat, chisel, criticise [Brit], criticize, damn, definite quantity, enlarge, express, extract, knock, large indefinite amount, large indefinite quantity, pick apart, press out, remove, rip off, take, take away, withdraw

Encyclopedia: Ream, WV