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Noun: rear  reer
  1. (military) the back of a military formation or procession
    "infantrymen were in the rear"
  2. The side of an object that is opposite its front
    "his room was toward the rear of the hotel";
    - backside, back end
  3. The part of something that is furthest from the normal viewer
    "it was hidden in the rear of the store";
    - back
  4. [informal] The fleshy part of the human body that you sit on
    "he deserves a good kick in the rear";
    - buttocks, nates [technical], butt [N. Amer, informal], backside, bum [Brit, informal], buns [N. Amer, informal], can [N. Amer, informal], fundament, hindquarters, hind end, posterior, rear end [informal], rump, stern [informal], seat, tail [N. Amer, informal], tail end, tooshie [informal], tush [N. Amer, informal], bottom, behind, derriere, bahookie [UK, dialect, informal], botty [informal], heinie [US, informal], duff [N. Amer, informal], booty [N. Amer, informal], patootie [US, informal], tushy [N. Amer, informal], derrière
  5. The side that goes last or is not normally seen
    "he wrote the date on the rear of the photograph";
    - back
Verb: rear  reer
  1. Stand up on the hind legs, of quadrupeds
    "The horse reared in terror";
    - rise up
  2. Look after a child until it is an adult
    "rear a family";
    - raise, bring up, nurture, parent
  3. Become or appear high or tall
    "The building reared before them";
    - rise, lift
  4. Cause to rise up
    - erect
  5. (construction) Construct, build
    - raise, erect, set up, put up
Adjective: rear  reer
  1. Located in or toward the back or rear
    "the chair's rear legs"; "the rear door of the plane";
    - rearward

Derived forms: rears, reared, rearing

See also: back

Type of: appear, body part, bring up, build, construct, elevate, face, formation, get up, lift, look, make, place, position, raise, seem, side, straighten

Antonym: front, head

Part of: body, torso, trunk

Encyclopedia: Rear