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Adjective: receding  ri'see-ding
  1. (of a hairline e.g.) moving slowly back
Noun: receding  ri'see-ding
  1. A slow or gradual disappearance
    - fadeout
  2. The act of becoming more distant
    - recession
Verb: recede  ri'seed
  1. Move away or backward
    "The enemy receded";
    - withdraw, retreat, pull away, draw back, pull back, retire, move back
  2. Retreat
    - fall back, drop off, fall behind
  3. Become faint or more distant
    "the unhappy memories of her childhood receded as she grew older"

See also: backward, fall

Type of: change, disappearance, go, locomote, move, regress, retrograde, retrogress, travel, withdrawal

Antonym: advance