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Noun: receiver  ri'see-vu(r)
  1. Set that receives radio or tv signals
    - receiving system
  2. (law) a person (usually appointed by a court of law) who liquidates assets or preserves them for the benefit of affected parties
    - liquidator, official receiver [UK]
  3. Earphone that converts electrical signals into sounds
    - telephone receiver
  4. A person who receives something
    - recipient
  5. The tennis player who receives the serve
  6. A football player who catches (or is supposed to catch) a forward pass
    - pass receiver, pass catcher
  7. Someone who knowingly deals with or buys stolen goods

Derived forms: receivers

Type of: acquirer, earphone, earpiece, fiduciary, football player [N. Amer], footballer [N. Amer], headphone, phone, set, tennis player

Part of: phone, telephone, telephone set

Encyclopedia: Receiver