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Verb: recharge  ree'chaa(r)j
  1. Load anew
    "She recharged the gun carefully";
    - reload
  2. Charge anew
    "recharge a battery"
  3. (of a person) revive to full strength after hard work or exertion
    "I needed to recharge after a difficult term"
  4. Refill with liquid, esp. a glass with a drink
    "Surface reservoirs are used to recharge unconfined aquifers"; "recharge the glass"
  5. (accounting) charge costs to a third party that were originally paid for by the business
    "I recharge a lot of expenses back to my clients"
Noun: recharge  ree'chaa(r)j
  1. (accounting) the recovery of costs what were original charged to a business account from a third party, or the amount recovered
    "the recharge to the customer will not be subject to VAT"
  2. The process, amount or source refilling, esp. of water into a reservoir
    "a recharge dam"

Derived forms: recharges, recharged, recharging

Type of: charge, load

Encyclopedia: Recharge