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Verb: recognise  're-kug,nIz
Usage: Brit (N. Amer: recognize)
  1. Show approval or appreciation of
    "My work is not recognised by anybody!"; "The best student was recognised by the Dean";
    - recognize
  2. Grant credentials to
    "The Regents officially recognised the new educational institution";
    - accredit, recognize
  3. See or hear differences; identify a particular part or parts of a whole; detect with difficulty
    - spot, recognize, distinguish, discern, pick out, make out, tell apart
  4. Express greetings upon meeting someone
    - greet, recognize
  5. Express obligation, thanks, or gratitude for
    "We must recognise the kindness she showed towards us";
    - acknowledge, recognize
  6. Be fully aware or cognizant of
    - recognize, realize, realise [Brit], agnize [archaic], agnise [Brit, archaic]
  7. Perceive to be the same
    - recognize
  8. Accept (someone) to be what is claimed or accept his power and authority
    "The Crown Prince was recognised as the true heir to the throne";
    - acknowledge, recognize, know
  9. Exhibit recognition for (an antigen or a substrate)
    - recognize

Derived forms: recognised, recognises, recognising

Type of: accept, accost, appreciate, be, buttonhole [informal], call back, call up, certify, cognise [Brit], cognize, give thanks, know, licence [Brit, Cdn], license, nobble [Brit, informal], prize, recall, recollect, remember, retrieve, thank, think, treasure, value

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