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Verb: let (let,letting)  let
  1. Make it possible through a specific action or lack of action for something to happen
    - allow, permit
  2. Actively cause something to happen
    "I let it be known that I was not interested"
  3. Consent to, give permission
    "I won't let the police search her basement";
    - permit, allow, countenance
  4. Cause to move; cause to be in a certain position or condition
    "This let me in for a big surprise";
    - get, have
  5. Leave unchanged
    "let it be"
  6. Grant use or occupation of under a term of contract
    "I am letting my country estate to some foreigners";
    - lease, rent
  7. Assume or suppose that
    "let X be an integer greater than 1"
Noun: let  let
  1. A serve that strikes the net before falling into the receiver's court; the ball must be served again
    - net ball
  2. [Brit] The period when something is rented
Verb: re-let
  1. To let anew, as a house

Derived forms: re-lets

Type of: accept, cause, consent, get, give, go for, have, induce, leave, leave alone, leave behind, make, serve, service, stimulate

Antonym: prevent

Encyclopedia: Let, West Virginia