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Verb: remedy  re-mi-dee
  1. Set straight or right
    "remedy these deficiencies";
    - rectify, remediate, repair, amend
  2. (medicine) provide relief for
    "remedy his illness";
    - relieve
Noun: remedy  re-mi-dee
  1. Act of correcting an error or a fault or an evil
    - redress, remediation, redressal [Asia]
  2. A medicine or therapy that cures disease or relieves pain
    - curative, cure, therapeutic
  3. (law) the legal means to recover a right or obtain redress for a wrong

Derived forms: remedied, remedies, remedying

Type of: care for, correct, correction, medicament, medication, medicinal drug, medicine, rectification, rectify, right, treat

Part of: intervention, treatment

Encyclopedia: Remedy